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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the lounge forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about topics other than programming. Feel free to participate in a constructive and p...
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Lions and Tigers and Pointers, oh my!
I’ve been spending time at SO again lately (dunno why) and I am again impressed by how confused people get by the idea of pointers. It really doesn’t see...
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Finally switched to Linux Mint (1,2,3)
Got a new PC (finally) and since it is really nice, modern hardware I am finally making the move from Windows. I liked Windows 7. Very clean, good OS. Windo...
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Happy (belated) 60th birthday Basic!
https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2024/05/the-basic-programming-language-turns-60/ My first introduction to programming was using HP's version of Dartmouth Bas...
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functional/monadic extensions of std::expected
https://www.cppstories.com/2024/expected-cpp23-monadic/ It's C++ - but not as we know it!
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Daily bit(e) of C++ | Optimizing code to run 87x faster
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Bad Apple!!
I made a thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt5VUOLRues https://github.com/Helios-vmg/spindafy Check out the video I linked in the description or it won'...
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Understand internals of std::expected
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Made the mistake of trying to help out at SO again.
I guess I’ll never learn. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/78396197/is-there-a-cleaner-way-to-write-this-c-code Closed as “opinion-based”. ...
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It bugs me that parts of the Ranges library allows UB, or doesn't have bounds checking. Given the recent criticism of C++ being an "unsafe language", I wonder w...
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I just cannot understand this driving behavior...
People where I live (NJ) are weird, but I’ve had this happen in places like NM too. Today I was coming home in my big ol’ pickup truck, and the neighborhoo...
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What windows/gui library? (1,2,3)
What windows/gui library would you fellas recommend for someone starting out as their first entry? I know some SFML, but I am curious what you would have recomm...
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I've been working an odd job
I've been doing this remote job where you train an AI. You give the AI a prompt, it does the code, you evaluate and critique the code if need be. Pays pretty we...
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Guidelines are not rules
See: https://arne-mertz.de/2024/03/core-guidelines-are-not-rules/
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Linux XZ Utils hacked
How one volunteer stopped a backdoor from exposing Linux systems worldwide https://www.theverge.com/2024/4/2/24119342/xz-utils-linux-backdoor-attempt This ...
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One thing I don't like about references in C++...
Let's say I'm searching through a codebase for "fooVar", because I want to see all the places that the fooVar variable gets set. I get line-item results like: ...
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C++ Safety in Context
See: https://herbsutter.com/2024/03/11/safety-in-context/
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Cools stuff I’m not gonna use
Heh, wanted to just do a simple string match — nothing fancy even, just has to test for an exact match in a small set of strings... There’re all kinds of...
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Program testing works... when you’ve enabled it...
Spent two hours trying to figure out why my X11 window wasn’t getting keyboard focus and input. It was. ...I had just turned off all my debugging output ...
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git mv command
Hi.I hope it is ok to ask GIT questions here. I have a local directory - lets call it dir1, where i have couple of files, and commit history (in local and re...
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