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    Description of the most important classes, functions and objects of the Standard Language Library, with descriptive fully-functional short programs as examples.
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    by Cplusc
    MPI Blocking and Non_Blocking Communication   [General C++ Programming]
    I'm currently working on a lattice Boltzmann code (D3Q27) employing MPI for parallelization. I've implemented MPI 3D topology for communication, and my code sni...
    [6 replies] Last: This will be handled by the conditions [tt]SubDomain_.my_right_ != MP... (by mbozzi)
    C++ Questions   [Beginners]
    1) Why does "&myChar " act differently in 2 different contexts? [code] char* pointer = &myChar[0]; //ALSO WORKS!!! [/code] Above, it actually return th...
    [11 replies] Last: No, I understand guys. My last post was designed to show where I was c... (by SubZeroWins)
    by jonnin
    moron in chief teams with M$ to diss C++   [Lounge]
    Looks like the US government wants to fix all our problems for us... brought to you by the same guy who thinks firing your shotgun thru the door at a unknown an...
    [no replies]
    Container questions (1,2,3)   [Beginners]
    Just read and practiced my vector/deque/list/forward_list/set/multiset containers and I wondered about this one. 1) Why did they make it so that a set is REQ...
    [51 replies] Last: A compile time check would be one of the NP complete problems I believ... (by jonnin)
    friend and enable_if in operator%   [General C++ Programming]
    This code is not compiling: template<typename T> class Number { T value; public: [[nodiscard]] explicit Number(const T& t) : value(t) { ...
    [no replies]
    by Cplusc
    DFS and DLS Algorithm   [General C++ Programming]
    I am supposed to write a C++ code to answer the following questions but before that I need to be able to answer the questions on paper to write the correct code...
    [14 replies] Last: Heh, glad I’ve been of use to you. :O) A large part of my degree was ... (by Duthomhas)
    Shared variable between thread(ISR) and main()   [Beginners]
    Hello folks, I want to create a variable that will be shared between a thread (ISR) and main() I am working on embedded environment on linux os Basically...
    [8 replies] Last: Second, I learned about circular buffer. I wonder if it is suitable ... (by kigar64551)
    what is the epoch of pseudo-clock local_t?   [General C++ Programming]
    I created an empty time point that represents epoch time: auto tse = chr::time_point<chrono::local_t, chrono::duration<int, ratio<1, 1>>>{}; [/code] w...
    [2 replies] Last: Internally, tse[/tt] stores a duration since the Unix epoch. https:... (by mbozzi)
    by Cplusc
    BSF Algorithm   [General C++ Programming]
    An undirected graph has 24 vertices denoted by A’, B,’ C’, D’, E’, F’, G’, H’, I’, J’, K’, L’, M’, N’, P’, Q’, R’, S’, T’, U’, V’, W’, Y’, and Z’ respectively. ...
    [2 replies] Last: @Keskiverto Thanks for the answer. (by Cplusc)
    Finally switched to Linux Mint (1,2)   [Lounge]
    Got a new PC (finally) and since it is really nice, modern hardware I am finally making the move from Windows. I liked[/i] Windows 7. Very clean, good OS. Wi...
    [25 replies] Last: Unlike MacOS or Windows there are more than one option available for ... (by jonnin)