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undefined reference to shared object function
i ran above command and found following o/p :- [root@centos7client Debug]# nm -C | grep ...

undefined reference to shared object function
hi to all , i've codeblocks 20 in centos 7. I am building a small project in which i build a libdate...

how to iterate table in C++ and Mysql
hi to all, I've centos 6 server and client as centos 7 and in that codeblocks 20. I" am building a...

myqsl_real_connect returns 0
hi to all, I've mysql server in centos 6 VM and client in centos 7 VM. I've building a small projec...

how to get backspace input from keyboard
thanks a lot you solved my problem. one last question please :- how to use multiple returning valu...

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