Error with the IDE and compilers

Hi, I'm student of a university in Mexico, for the last 5 months I have been learning about this language of programming, but in the past i had a lot of problems with the IDE's.

I start programming with the famous Dev c++, but this caused me two problems, the fisrt one is that in two days of making the installing when I wanted to compil, the results showed me a lot of errors, like hundreds of them, later, I started a game (LOL) and when I turn up the volume, the "note" that shows you the level of the volume appear with a lot of pixels of differents color, also the videogame looked fuzzy, then I relationated with the IDE and I uninstalled it, later of that everything was fine.

A couple days later I installed the Visual Studio Community 2020 and again happened the problem of the pixels but the compiler was okay, so I uninstalled and I have been working with the GDB online all this time.

I need to know how to avoid this problems and will work with a good IDE that includes the compiler.
(srry for my english).
this is some other problem. Visual studio should not cause anything to have graphics problems. Try updating your graphics driver or checking your system for any kind of hardware errors: this could be caused for example by a computer that uses system ram for graphics and has a problem with its ram (you can see if it needs to be 'reseated' -- take it physically out and put it back in) or you can try a hardware memory test program (maybe your system has one or you can try online).

microsoft has plenty of problems, but they do not to my knowledge have anything that would corrupt your video feed, most of the bugs and issues are very subtle (for example, it sometimes indicates errors where there are none in the 'ms-word grammar underline' thing they added to visual studio a while back -- it is very angry with most switch statements lately).

your english is very good. this is the only one that puzzled me:
"then I relationated with the IDE"
I have no idea what that one means.
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