The Art of Unix Programming

The ebook "The Art of Unix Programming by Eric Steven Raymond" is free for online reading.
The Art of Unix Programming is full of general advice. It's an easy read and a majority of it is potentially useful even if you're not interested in Unix-like systems.

I found it enjoyable to read, although ESR is very opinionated. If you've read How to Ask Questions the Smart Way
And appreciate the content despite the issues with its delivery, you'll probably enjoy the book.
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I've been trying to find a good manual/textbook for teaching myself Unix, so thanks!
Good book, but note it's about design, not implementation:
esr wrote:
You should not read this book if what you are looking for is the details of C coding or how to use the Unix kernel API. There are many good books on these topics; Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment [Stevens92] is classic among explorations of the Unix API, and The Practice of Programming [Kernighan-Pike99] is recommended reading for all C programmers (indeed for all programmers in any language).

It's definitely not a manual.
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