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fx call prototype errors
Errors below. How do I call this function below separated .cpp/.h ? main { ... set_intrinsi...
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finite element matrix assembly in csr format using MPI
I am trying to assemble the global stiffness matrix in finite element in csr format. with one proces...
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Please assist or show me how to finish one of the .cpp files in a Banking program with header files (1,2)
Problem Description: This program covers the above concepts with an example that is dealing with ban...
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I/O from cin or ifstream
I want to do input from std::cin, or from the file specified in argv . How do I do this in idiomat...
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Matrix assembly in fem using mpi
following my previous question regarding using MPI for finite element
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linker errors, already defined in an another object
so i creadted this 2d game using sdl it worked fine, but then when i started optimizing it, seperati...
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cout << endlines(x); operator overload for a function
Hi, i wanted to make a function which makes a spacing for a line every time I call cout. but I am s...
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containing loop
when I compiling this program it gives me this error /////////////////////////////////////////////...
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Template metaprogramming to auto-detect race conditions
I read a GitHub project description about using template metaprogramming to auto-detect race conditi...
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identifier not found
Hi, trying to split a function between a .cpp/.h and accessing it in main by calling that function....
[4 replies] Last: Adjusted. Thank you. main.cpp #include "pch.h" #include <iostream... (by technologist)
sdl configuration problem in vs code
im new to vs code, i have been using vs 2019 for so long but now I'm moving towards vscode, I know t...
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Valgrind: segmentation fault error (1,2)
I have a serial code that is working perfectly and printing out data as expecxted. I rewrote a paral...
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Dice c++
Hello, i'm trying to make a c++ dice, i have to declare all the 10 rolls, lowest, highest and the to...
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What is the best way to learn to write pseudocode
What is the best way to learn to write very clear pseudo-code (using easy-to-understand statements, ...
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Undefined reference error.
In this main I have omitted the class Of quiz which Reads Quiz from the File and use it for this app...
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Output not reading correctly for pond simulator:
The output should look like: WEEK 20 RESULTS Fish With Weight 20 Plant weight 13.95 Plant weig...
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by zak100
Developing Contraol Flow graph for Solidity Smart Contracts in C/C++ Language
Hi, I am interested in developing Control flow graph in C++ language. What are the advantages ava...
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by Borneq
In my C++ project std::remove refers to stdio.h
I have error in my code: void Config::UpdateMRUPageClose(const wxString &path) { mru.erase(st...
[1 reply] : std::remove is in the <algorithm> library for C++ as well in the ... (by Furry Guy)
Accepts and write top scores of game user.
/ //My biggest goal is to read the details from the user and write to the file and also be able to ...
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undefined reference to `PacketProcessor::SetSeqStart(unsigned char)'|
hello I'm getting error undefined reference to `PacketProcessor::SetSeqStart(unsigned char)'| when t...
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